Disconnected (2015)

Vimeo Audience Award winner
Sundance Channel Shorts Competition 2015

History repeats itself, not only in Berlin. 25 years after the collapse of The Berlin Wall the world is still divided, while people feel alienated through the walls of social network. Four persons cross each other’s paths, for a brief period of time.

The Artist is struggling to present his revolutionary works on exhibition in gallery. The Runner tries to keep his jogging rhythm by focusing on music, until he realizes that he is alone too. And She after another meaningless one-night stand seeks excitement in shopping and posing for selfies. Only The Tourist tries to be aware of the city and its complicated history of Germans, Jews, Palestinians and Americans. But even he is vulnerable to wheels of history and letting her repeat itself.

Despina Bibika / She
Dionisis Christofilogiannis / The Tourist
Ricardo González / The Runner
Ben Talar / The Artist

featuring the works of:
Eva Mitala

music by:
Bogusław Salnikow

distribution by:
Gonnela Productions

a film by:
Ricardo González & Ben Talar

four clips with four characters