Jul 22, 2023

"c@ught in the net" original director's version

The full version of my first "c@ught in the net" film has re-emerged. Beside correcting the English subs, which supposed to work back on DVD, now I also enhanced some color grading. Then two new songs were added - both were previously presented in "Apart" and "In the net", so you can consider that three variations are linked tighter together. Lastly new ending is presented for the first time within the entire film. Earlier it was part of the deleted scenes, now it is fully integrated within the story line. I have to admit that writing that scene in the screenplay and editing it after being shot was problematic - I couldn't find the right spot for it. I felt it would be too stupid to explain everything so plainly. But now I guess it works well!

The very first film was proudly presented at the public screening in El Sol Latino Club on December 2006. Among the crowd of friends and colleagues we screened the 45 minutes version. Then I realized that most of the independent film festivals for shorts are accepting the length up to 30 minutes. Gosh. So much time went onto cutting down the movie, and now I had to trim it down again.

The same story happened to me again with "Disconnected". The film was already rock solid with 15 minutes of length. And then Sundance Channel announced their very first edition of the festival. Since I was already accustomed to re-editing my own flicks it was relatively easy to trim it down to expected 10 minutes. Well, in both cases it was worth the effort. Don't be to rigid on your author's vision!

Thanks to trimming, "Disconnected" received a wide global audience thanks to the festival and ultimately won the second prize. Which led to further visibility, distribution deal and more events. The same happened with "c@aught in the net". Once the 30 minutes version was prepared, it started its tournee across the whole country. There was no single month when the film wouldn't be screened somewhere.  The biggest event of them all was Film Festival in Gdynia, where we had additional conference. The movie was more recognizable and more people started to approach me to get connected and work together.

Then the TV stations started to ask for the license. So once the film finished its festival route, it went on to be circulated on Interia TV, Kino Polska and Canal+, where it was in circulation for over a year. Finally I prepared a shorter, 10 minutes version, which was supposed to be a diploma film. I called it "In the net". Ironically, when I was starting into this business, many people tried to discourage me from trying to put together 45 minutes. They argued that 10 minutes is challenging enough. Well, they weren't right. Back then I had no clue how to fit my story down into 10 minutes. Few years later I also entertained the idea of making the re-edited version with different plot line and no mention of online dating at all - enter "Apart".

Feb 20, 2022

Overview of all public screenings

I came up with some old records documenting Festival entries for my films and presented it now in comparison mode. Clearly, the early films had more presence, but you can also see which cities were hosting those films the most. Just click on the link below: