c@ught in the net (2006)

A story of a young married couple who are going through a crisis and moving far away from each other trying to find understanding in the world of the Internet, which they both do, but in a different place than expected.

written and directed by: 
Ben Talar 

director of photography: 
Rafał Pogoda 

Ben Talar 

music by: 
Bohdan Palowski 

production design: 
Asia Mazia 

Ben Talar 

first assistant director: 
Jakub Półtorak 

Piotr Jędrzejek, Barbara Kurzaj, Dominik Nowak, Iwona Drejer, Dorota Rusek, Edward Linde-Lubaszenko, Ben Talar



The movie lasts 30 minutes. In this picture starred Polish theatres professional actors including: Barbara Kurzaj, Piotr Jedrzejek, Dominik Nowak, Iwona Drejer, Dorota Rusek and Edward Linde-Lubaszenko as a special guest star. Most of them had earlier experience in movies.

It's a first movie written, directed and produced by Ben Talar. It is also the first movie which he edited. The score has been written by Bohdan Palowski, an ex-hard rock musician, currently film composer. Director of photography was Rafal Pogoda, a local guru of Cracow film&theatre society, who is as well talented as an editor, sound supervisor and light engineer.

Jakub Poltorak, here as a First Assistant Director, was very helpful in joining and managing all the units to work as one. It was he, who was the biggest supporter to this project. He was responsible for casting, locations and the other stuff, like catering.

Whole production took short period of time, but the postproduction phase was long, hard and causing some problems to overcome. Finally Ben Talar has become the editor to finalize the movie. With a little help from friends the most tricky job has been done, including joining sound, picture, music, postsynchrones and PC displays in one.

Then, after a first public relase in December 18th, the movie was decided to be cut from nearly 45 minutes to 30 minutes in order to submit the picture for festivals and clear out the plot. Director's Cut version will be relased on DVDs as soon as we will find approbiate distribution company. Please contact us, if you're interested in selling our movie. The DVD will be featured with lots of bonuses including: trailer, alternative ending, making of & goofs material, and English subtitles, of course.

The official premiere took place in Cinema Mikro, Cracow, on 20th February 2007. In programme there was a short play before the main projection, and after that - banquet and party in latin club. More than half people from cast and crew has appeared. Drinking champagne, eating caviar they were talking about the movie, which was for some of them too short.

The movie was shown during the ZOOM Zblizenia International Film Festival in Jelenia Gora on 10th February, on KilOFF Independent Film Festival in Katowice on 25th February, Slamdance in Cracow and Film Festival in Gdynia. The movie was also presented in tv Kino Polska.