Jun 14, 2020

Disconnected: Now & Then

Last month my film "Disconnected 2020" has won an OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from Berlin Flash Film Festival. It's just a small achievement in the chaos we ended up recently.

In the recent years I restored or produced alternative versions of my previous flicks in order to explore better the medium of video editing. Quite challenging was the work on "Apart", where out-takes were used to replaced all sequences. Their order was changed resulting in totally different storyline.

"Disconnected" was re-edited 3 times already. Firstly it was chopped down from 15 to 10 minutes in order to be eligible for Sundance Channel festival. The effort was worth it as the film won 2nd award. Following the theme of dis/connection and having in mind the idea of screening the film in art galleries, each character received their own part of screen in a mega-compilation. Thus we ended up having 5 stories unfolding synchronously in 4K format.

Not less interesting than the new film is the video feature presenting both films at once, while synced to the newer storyline. Just like in videos presenting which films inspired Tarantino, here we can clearly see how un/creative was the process of re/shooting "The Disconnected" 5 years later.

This is the first shooting project the filmmaker was working in for the last 5 years. As for the concept, he was following the steps of Gus Van Sant who remade "Psycho" shot-for-shot, or maybe even more closely Michael Haneke, who remade his own "Funny Games" in similar vain. Remaking of one's own film is not so unusual. In the past Cecil DeMille, Alfred Hitchock or Abel Gance used the opportunity of technological advancements to re-tell their stories such as "The Ten Commandments" (1923/1956), "J'accuse" (1919/1938) or "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (1934/1956). So have a look at "Disconnected: Now & Then" below: