The Carcass (2009)

He died but he is alive!

Deserted village. A young Photographer. He comes to photograph the ruins. Rents a room from the aging man, who has memory problems. Photographer feels uneasy. Something is wrong.

directed by:
Jakub Półtorak

written by:
Piotr Sawicki

cinematography by:
Adam Fabisz, Kuba Dulban

edited by: 
Ben Talar

sound by:
Marcin 'Kwazar' Cisło, Andrzej Polatyński 

Renata Bańkowska

unit production manager: 
Natalia Rytych 

music by: 
Bogusław Salnikow

produced by: 
Ben Talar, Jakub Półtorak 

Cezary Szczygielski, Leszek Żukowski, Irena Adamiak, Natalia Rytych