Deadly Recording (2008)

Independent filmmaker trying to complete yet another production falls in financial trouble. In order to finish his movie he worksin half-time in the pharmaceutical company, where he is accidentally involved in the murder...

written and directed by
Ben Talar, Jakub Półtorak

cinematography by
Ben Talar, Jakub Półtorak & Rafał Pogoda

edited by
Ben Talar

sound by
Michał Dukaczewski

music by
Bohdan Palowski

produced by
Ben Talar

Bodo Kox, Paulina Zgoda, Adam Szyszkowski, Anna Markowicz, Sebastian Stankiewicz, Dariusz Bronowicki



One of the most popular Polish indie artists Bodo Kox starred in "Deadly Recording", whose authors are Ben Talar and Jakub Półtorak. Kox is playing the role of an independent film director, who attempt to finish his film, accidentally falls in criminal affairs on the formation of powerful businessman. Suspected of murder, which he has not made and fugitive he is desperately trying to recover the video - the only evidence of the crimes, which can clean up the allegations.

The film initially was to be a pure detective story about making up evidence of crimes on video tape. It was a loose reference to the former situation in our political scene, where every VIP was recorded. - explains Jakub Półtorak. In addition, it inspired our theme from the movie 'Do not panic' by Kox, where in the frame accidentally appears the boom operator, played by Bodo Kox. The idea enriched the film with yet another level of reality. This is a film about making a film about making a false movie. The history of realism in one of these levels, filling Bodo Kox in the main role - Ben Talar added.

Audience want a to see what is the most likely, near the truth. But there is no such thing as realism in the cinema. Everything you see on the screen, even in documentaries are increasingly using feature models, this is a matter of presentation rather than another approach. - explains Jakub Półtorak. Once in the cinema watching 'Kung Fu Panda'. In one scene the tiger climbed after falling stones in the gulf. Although this was a movie, something fictional, what is more - a kung fu movie - that is something hard overfictioned, it still was the animated movie, that is completely virtual. My friend, who gave strong from the beginning to pull in the history of film in the scene with falling stones cut from the screen and said no, that's impossible! - says Adam Szyszkowski, who is playing the villain.

Shooting was taking place in summer 2008 in the center of Warsaw. Beside Bodo Kox in the film appeared Paulina Zgoda ( "Buy Now" by Piotr Matwiejczyk), Sebastian Stankiewicz ( "Do not panic" by Bodo Kox), veteran of Polish films Adam Szyszkowski and – first time on screen - Anna Markowicz. The authors already announced another independent production "Blind fate". The story inspired by the biblical book of Tobiah and "True romance" by Tony Scott will star Dariusz Bronowicki, Magda Waligórska, Jacek Kałucki and Chuck Norris in extraordinary mystical role himself.

In the "Deadly recording" thera are three worlds: world of dog-eat-dog business in the form of the pharmaceutical corp., world of making up facts, and free from the manipulation and money world of the independent arts. The film, however, is not a commentary on recent political situation Poland - says Jakub Półtorak - Bodo Kox, playing the director likely to be his alter ego, assures us in the belief that reality in the life of its protagonist, it is true, although it is fictional. Talar added: Brian De Palma once said that film camera lies permanently, twenty-four times per second. In this film we wanted to show that expected realism in cinema is a purely abstract, as you never know what bit of reality shows us the person behind the camera.