In the shadow of Chuck Norris (2013)

Resemblance to Chuck Norris changed the life of Jacek Pieniazek. Ordinary worker has become a local celebrity and an icon of good humor. As an impresario he employs in his agency other look-alikes such as Jerzy Maksymiuk, Lech Walesa, and Elvis Presley. The charms of living the double life of well-known persons is their daily bread. In 2012, Jacek finally meets the real Chuck Norris, whom he doubles in the  bank commercial. For 20 years he is living "In the shadow of Chuck Norris."

written and directed by:
Ben Talar

cinematography by:
Paweł Postek

music by:
Bogusław Salnikow

edited by:
Adam Fabisz
Andrzej Polatyński

unit line manager:
Monika Pastuszak

produced by:
Ben Talar