Blind Fate (2009)

Chuck Norris in the mystical struggle for a gangster's soul

A story about a seasoned hitman who wants to return to the path of virtue. Messing up a job with a mob accountant he decides to carry out his boss’s last order. During his mission, offering valuable help and advice as his spiritual guide, is Chuck Norris.

written and directed by
Ben Talar, Jakub Półtorak

produced and edited by
Ben Talar

cinematography by
Damian Wadowski 

 sound by
Marcin 'Kwazar' Cisło 

  unit production manager: 
Andrzej Polatyński 

 music by: 
Bohdan Palowski 

Dariusz Bronowicki, Jacek Kałucki, Adam Szyszkowski, Magda Waligórska, Paulina Zgoda, Jacek Pieniążek, Anna Radziwiłł, Jakub Półtorak



The plot of the film was inspired by the biblical Book of Tobiah (a theme of blindness, the Guardian Angel and mission to fulfill) and "True romance" (1993) by Tony Scott, on the basis of Quentin Tarantino script. "Blind Fate" - a parable about the metaphysical battle between good and evil - was set in the world of crime and enhanced with anecdotal warrior for justice in person of Chuck Norris, known for its absurd facts (so-called chuckts) made by Internet users. Main character's serious moral dilemmas, who when faced with any criminal act, temporary becomes blind, were lightened by the wisdom of life presented by Chuck.

As Chuck Norris stars the most famous Polish look-alike Jacek Pienišżek. Also featured are Magdalena Waligórska ("Blind Date", "Testosteron") and Jacek Kałucki ("Ogród Luizy"), as well as known from "Deadly Recording" Paulina Zgoda, Adam Szyszkowski and Dariusz Bronowicki, who plays a leading role for the first time.

The shooting took place in April this year at Warsaw. The DOP was Damian Wadowski, who worked previously at "Odd job", where Jakub Półtorak appeared in main role. The Unit Production Manager was Andrzej Polatyński, Marcin 'Kwazar' Cisło was responsible for the sound, and original music was composed by Bohdan Palowski, composer of "c@ught in the net" and "Deadly Recording".


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