Dec 18, 2017

Talarkino's Premiere - APART (2017)

Shooting the very first scene on Cracow's Main Square, 18/12/2005
Our first and most re-known picture "c@ught in the net" was shot over a week preceding Christmas in 2005. Twelve years later we present the restored version titled "Apart". The major plot was restructured thus now we dive deeper into relations between love-triangle without being disturbed by omnipresent web technology from previous version of the movie. 

Moreover, the picture was once again (after 2010 short version "In the net") restored, this time with re-arrangement of lightning and blowup to HD. Each scene was re-edited using alternative angles, dialogues and out-takes. Beside visuals and plot, the main change is also introduction of jazzy Bossa Nova soundtrack licensed from Paris Music, which makes the story so much lighter and more romantic. Enjoy watching!

(the film will be present here over limited period of time)