Oct 29, 2018

"The Soul Collector" online - for Halloween!

"The Soul Collector" was our first international co-production (US-Poland-Denmark) and journey into HD. One of the shortest film in the portfolio, it had the quickest development-production timeline as it was totally spontaneous project. Now let's watch it in enhanced version, where some shots were realigned and interface on villain's computer was slightly changed to improve visibility. The first version had too much pixelization as a result of compression on a slow-machine. Now each frame was recalculated with new GPU and most of scenes were color graded again with improved lightning. The soundtrack remains the same.

In March 2011 I was approached by Klara, American model and actress who was visiting Poland and looking to get a part in a movie, any movie. Her plans was to stay for couple of weeks in order to see if she could get some interesting roles and she visited some studios, casting calls and agencies. That's what she told me when she was close to leave the country. Since I was involved in production of documentary there were no upcoming shootings, but we decided to go to some fashion party to mingle and network. Upon further investigation we realized that we share similar taste in movies and she confessed that she wrote some ideas for screenplays. Later I received few synopsis' and one of them immediately caught my imagination. I called her and during a one hour long conversation I asked her many questions involving the plot while noting down the outline for screenplay. The next day 10 pages long text with dialogues was ready. It was one week till her flight back to LA.

Aug 16, 2018

Chuck Norris and the history of "The Fortune"

For the first time you can watch "The Fortune", the most final recreation of "Blind Fate" in HD.

The project of "The Fortune" was launched in November 2009, when I was bored with extended length of "Blind Fate", my first film with Chuck Norris impersonator. The screenplay was written for 20 mins long film (it had 20 pages, the standard industry ratio is 1:1). However during the shooting we filmed additional sequences, which probably added 5 mins of extra screening time. Later again, during the editing, some scenes were further extended, since many times we were filming with two camera setup. Thus the whole story became half-an-hour long film. It was very slow, mystical, deep, and some people even liked that.

However I felt that the poster was a bit misleading. Some Tao/Zen/Native American philosophical quotes were okayish, but after all the viewers were expecting classic Chuck Norris movie - so why the pace is so slow?

Jul 28, 2018

Watch Bodo Kox in "Deadly Recording" online

You've asked for this! It's more than 10 years since Talarkino studio has started making action movies and it's a good reason to celebrate. Ultimate indie action-comedy is on!

On July 28th the first shot of "Deadly Recording" was... recorded. Take a look below at this fast-paced De Palmesque short flick filled with cynical characters and mind-blowing plot, which was filmed in only three days!

Experience the film-within-a-film-within-another-film complex story about an indie film director played by... another real-life (and award-winning) indie film director Bodo Kox ("The Girl from Wardrobe", "The Man with the Magic Box"). The villain here is played by Adam Szyszkowski - known from Oscar winning movie ("Ida").

In 2009 "Zabójcze nagranie / Deadly Recording" was presented at such festivals as KLATKA in Stettin, OKFA in Konin, kilOFF in Katowice, Kameralne Lato in Radom, V FFKN Filmowa Góra, Kręci się  or Gdynia Film Festival! The recently restored & enhanced HD version is now available on Amazon! Go watch it on youtube directly below.