Where it all began... Disconnected finally in Berlin!

Our precious film gained special recognition at 4th EMiGRA Festival in Warsaw. Many thanks to Adam Fabisz for representing us there!

Now you can experience the first public screening in Berlin. See you there :-)

Piwnica Nr. 1
Drontheimer Str.36, Berlin
300 metres from U-Osloer Strasse (U8, U9)
Tel. 0179 1012773

EMiGRA festival is a film festival dedicated to wild range of emigration film production .

This year EMiGRA will unite all living abroad crossing the real and symbolic borders. The ground of he festival will remain films realized by the Poles living abroad as well as films on the Poles abroad regardless their artists‘ nationality. The new category are films shot by the foreigners on Poland. In 2016 we would like to get to know how, from the foreigners point of are view, the contemporary Poland looks like.

"Disconnected" in Warsaw - EMiGRA 2016


6th November - 18.00

ul. Kostki Potockiego 10/16, Warszawa

Sundance Channel Shorts Competition 2016

This year for the 2nd time Sundance Channel launch it's Shorts Competition for residents of Spain, France, Poland and Belgium. The Jury Award winner will premiere at Sundance Film Festival. Check out their rules&regulations and apply! 

Last year our film "Disconnected" was selected for TOP 10. Our friends voted for two weeks what resulted in 2nd place and winning Vimeo Audience Award. Thank you, guys!!!

Dedicated to founder Robert Redford's mission to celebrate creativity, Sundance Channel is the television destination for independent-minded viewers seeking something different. Bold, imaginative and uncompromising, Sundance Channel offers audiences a diverse and engaging selection of high-quality independent films, documentaries and original programs.

Jump to official website here: http://www.scshorts.com/